• Distractions are key to making our training reliable.
  • TKO will find the proper motivation needed to get your dog performing his best.
  • No matter how different, Topline K9 will customize training to your dog's needs.
  • Reliable off-leash training.
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This morning I took Sophie with me to Home Depot. As I got out of the truck I leaned down to pick up some trash when my normally very "unathletic" dog decided to try something new and sprung over my back into the parking lot! A little panic set in me, but I yelled "down" when she was a few car spaces away, and guess what? She laid down! I'm quite sure this wouldn't have happened without her training, so my whole family thanks you, Sophie too :)
Tiffani (Sophie), North Raleigh, NC

Topline K9 Obedience believes that there is no dog too big, small, young, old, or in-between, that can't be trained.

We realize that every dog is different and has individual needs, and we take this into consideration with our training techniques.

Our Raleigh dog trainers are all Certified Professional Dog Trainers, with the education and experience you need to help your pet!