• Distractions are key to making our training reliable.
  • Topline K9 Solutions will find the proper motivation needed to get your dog performing his best.
  • No matter how different, Topline will customize training to your dog's needs.
  • Reliable off-leash training.
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Definitely helped our three incorrigible pups . My three dogs (two pit mixes and one retriever) did five days each of the Doggie Day Training, and I was really happy with the results. All of my dogs are a little older (6, 7, 11), but Stephanie and Alison were able to either teach them new skills or help them remember forgotten ones (like walking nicely on a leash). One dog has some aggressive tendencies, and we had tried other aggressive dog classes without much success. Topline K9 Obedience worked with us to help control the dog in a way that other trainers had just not been able to do. Also, as a bonus, they take pictures of your dog during his/her training and post them on Facebook so you can keep tabs on them and show your disbelieving family how clever your dog is.
Alexa (Odin, Shadow, & Trixie), Raleigh, NC

Topline K9 Solutions believes that everyone should be able to have that ideal 'well behaved' dog! We are here to help you with that through proper timing, and implementing certain techniques that can help your dog fully understand what is expected of them, our training will provide you the results that you are wanting.

We work to find your dogs' proper motivation to get them to want to listen; to want to come when called, to want to walk nicely on the leash, etc.

We strive to provide not only excellent care for your dog, but also to provide our human clients with the tools and structure needed to have a successful training experience. We want to have open communication with our clients before, during, and well after training has been completed to ensure your dogs' success!

Dog Obedience Training in Raleigh

Topline K9s Dog Training goal is to find the exact amount of motivation that is needed for your dog to get them listening, and performing their best. We want your dogs to want to listen to you, so our techniques and methods are carefully chosen from our ‘toolbox’ to best fit your needs as our client, and your dog’s needs most of all!

We can work to correct obedience issues such as:

  • Leash manners
  • Solidifying basic commands for reliability
  • Implementing an 'on your bed' command
  • Good manners while greeting strangers
  • Off leash training goals
  • Puppy Issues, Housetraining, Nipping, etc.
  • Aggression and Anxieties
  • And more...

For any questions or more information, please contact us at 919-714-9846 or Contact Us.