Allie Mae’s great training manners while her owners are out of town

Going out of town and love the idea of your dog’s training being kept up? That would be us! Here is Allie Mae showing her fun time with her trainer Ryan Walker, while still working on great manners. Here is why our Continuing Education program is so popular: Enjoy peace of mind while out of […]

K9 Training School Jo reinforcing his manners

Jo is reinforcing his manners by practicing every day. By doing drills for even just a few minutes per day, your dog will keep deferring to you as the decision-maker, and will easily keep up his focus and self-control skills. This is a great daily foundation so you can enjoy your day with a calm, […]

K9 Training School Max learning manners at Lowes

Max got to practice his manners at Lowe’s. He did well and did not jump on a single person the whole time. We worked on sit/stay outside and inside the store, had him sit at every automatic door. We traded off training dogs so that they learn to behave and take commands from whomever is […]