K9 Training School Luke showing great self-control with his door manners

At K9 Training School, dogs learn to be polite going in and out of doors. This is important for safely—no lunging outdoors; for leadership—you “check” out the environment and make the decision to enter rather than your dog leading the way and making decisions for you; self-control—gotta hold it till permission is given and self-control […]

K9 Training School Gracie Mae working on her dog and cat skills

K9 Training School Gracie Mae has been busy making herself at home here with her trainer. She’s been playing with Rascal, Dolly, DiNozzo, and Morgan. This gives her trainer the opportunity to work on proper social playtime and work on the Come command during an exciting time! The cats aren’t immune to Gracie Mae’s charms! […]

K9 Training School Freddie overcoming fear of trash cans …

During his program, his trainer found out that Freddie was afraid of trash cans! They walked on trash day when everyone had their cans at the curb. He was skittish and poor country mouse, didn’t know what they were about. So his trainer spent some time introducing him to Mr Trash Barrel. He was initially […]