K9 Training School Freddie goes to class

Us trainers get together once or twice a week with our training dogs for a “hand off” class. We rotate dogs so that our training dogs learn that they have to listen to whomever is holding the leash. It’s also a good way to watch your dog work for others and notice what they need. […]

K9 Training School Dolly learning foundation Sit work

Dolly is learning the same rules as Sam. She has to sit/stay and wait to be released at all doors (front/back/car/crate) and steps. No unsafe door dashing or dangerously being pulled up or down steps! Yay! She’s a pretty good walker and is learning to sit every time her trainer stops, important for crossing roads […]

K9 Training School MacGyver on his outing

A huge part of K9 Training School are outings! Here our Rottie is learning to walk politely next to Trainer Jay while Jay is “shopping” at Lowes (I’m sure Jay is suffering :)). Because of his blindness, this is MacGyver’s most difficult task. He hears many noises without being able to see if there is […]