Surviving Hot Days with your Puppy or Hyper Dog!

What to do with your puppy/hyper dog on such hot days? Here are some suggestions to help you survive the heat. Get a kiddie pool for your dog to soak and play in. You can also toss balls or hot dog pieces for him to go after. Set up a sprinkler and play fetch through […]

Continuing Education Bjorn Learning Kitchen Manners

While his owners are busy with out of town matters, Bjorn is enjoying his stay with his trainer Sylvie in our Continuing Education program. He is relaxing with the little ones. Also learning to stay out of the kitchen while Sylvie cooks. Bjorn loves to counter surf so having him Wait outside the kitchen sets […]

Keeping your Dog Safe on July 4

July 4 holiday is no holiday for some dogs and owners! Here are some tips to make this important holiday more enjoyable for everyone. 1. Bring your dog indoors before it gets dark so he can feel safer. 2. This is a great time to make sure your dog is microchipped and wearing an ID […]