Sam, no longer on his own :)

I would like to recommend Topline K9 Solutions to anyone seeking quality training for their dog. I was fortunate enough to find Sylvie & Topline K9 Solutions 15 years after my dog, Sundance, graduated from Sylvie’s Canine Good Citizen class.

We have attended a group class with Ulli, and Sam is a graduate of the K9 Training School, primarily with Dawn and Rae as his trainers, but with additional training with Sylvie and others as well. Sam is friendly with people, but he doesn’t love everyone; however, he clearly adores Dawn and Ulli, and the rest of the group at Topline K-9 Solutions.

We adopted Sam from a rescue. He is a large yellow lab who had lived most of his life on his own, and had become accustomed to fending for himself and making his own decisions – many of them bad decisions and firmly ingrained. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of awful habits.

To add to this, he has double hip dysplasia (he is not currently a good candidate for replacement). He has additional orthopedic problems from what appear to be multiple motor vehicle accidents that occurred while he was roaming free. All of this rendered him unable to sit or down on command without pain.

Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows how important the sit and down commands are to training, but Sam couldn’t sit or down without pain, so he was more of a challenge to train. All of the trainers we have worked with at Topline K9 Solutions have worked with him and us around Sam’s disabilities.

Sam has thrived on the training and individual attention he received. At K9 Training School, his overall manners and training were reinforced, and he received additional training on the issues that concerned us. For example, Sam would go into the self-defense mode and become extremely aggressive with dogs unknown to him. Despite his disabilities, he is scary strong and, perhaps because of the disabilities, he compensated with aggression toward other dogs. He now has good manners when we pass or meet dogs on the trail. Also, Sam was generally good on a leash, but when he decided he needed to go potty, he would muster ungodly strength and drag us through the briars. No more! Additionally, Sam was an escape artist and would dive through any open door and take off, and now he politely waits until he is given the okay to exit or enter.

When we travel, we enlist Topline K9 Solutions to provide Continuing Education, which the trainers provide in their own homes. It is the best alternative to boarding that there is!! They keep him for the days we are gone and fine-tune his training, manners, and socialization. They will even pick him up and drop him off. This has worked out incredibly well for us. Not only do they provide care in a loving and safe environment, they continue to reinforce his training and socialization, and they don’t introduce bad behaviors that well-meaning but uneducated caregivers might.

Carrie Bentley & Sam
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