Dog Training Philosophies

The three main components of a well-mannered dog are:

  • Leadership
  • Self-Control
  • Training

Leadership and Self-Control are the foundation to your relationship with your dog and provide the basis for consistent training results. Our professional trainers strive to empower you become a great leader to your dog and learn how to teach your dog self-control, which allows your dog to focus and follow your commands. 

Leadership skills and self-control are incorporated throughout the training experience. Our training shows you how to be a pack leader using language your dog understands while going with your dog’s instincts, not against them. Your dog needs to see you as a calm and confident leader in order to follow commands most effectively. Leading your dog properly will allow him/her to listen to your decisions and even make good decisions on his or her own.

Consistency is an important aspect of training your dog. Inconsistency can be very confusing to dogs. We encourage the use of consistent language for commands and for every member of the household to be involved and consistent with the dog’s training. This will make it much easier for your dog to know what is asked of him or her and to follow commands.

  • We believe that every dog and every owner is unique.
  • We strive to offer an individualized training approach to meet the needs of both owner and dog.
  • We enjoy empowering owners to have well-mannered dogs.