Dawn Clement

Learning manners in public before enjoying a treat in the store Posted with permission from Dawn Clement

Dawn Clement

Dawn grew up in a home full of dogs. At a young age, she helped her mother show, breed, and train collies. She has a B.S. in Animal Science from Penn State and 2 years of Animal Nutrition graduate level at Virginia Tech.

Dawn spent 7 years working in a NC county shelter. During that time she became involved with fostering and rehabilitating for the shelter, and later German Shepherd Rescue, Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, and Peak Lab Rescue. She worked with large and small dogs that had behavioral and physical challenges.

After her work at the shelter, Dawn spent the next 2 years as a supervisor at a busy doggie day care. She worked to improve the social challenges inherent with putting large groups of dogs together (who have never met before) and having them get along and play together peacefully. While Dawn enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the pampered pooches, she felt the call to rehabilitate again.

During her shelter work, she built up a balanced pack of her own. Dawn has 4 dogs that range in age and are of various mixed breeds and sizes. For years, her pack has helped loads of rescue and shelter dogs achieve balance, home manners, and happiness. The older ones (Quincey and Ashley) are steady and very good at teaching dog-on-dog manners and etiquette calmly. The others (Danny and Liam) welcome the energy of younger dogs and love to play! It takes a village, no?

Dawns’ home is obviously set up for doggie comfort. There are multiple dog beds in just about every room and crates for all sizes! Structure and relaxing are the rules in the house. Play and exercise are for outside. Dawn has a large wooded, fenced backyard full of toys and room to run. It’s great for getting the running in that some breeds need, and in the shade of large oak trees. A doggie pool magically appears every summer for hot days! Dawn loves a home full of dogs (obviously!) and knows how to balance the energy.

Dawn joined K9 Solutions Dog Training Camp team in 2014 and is now with Sylvie’s team at Topline K9 Solutions since 2016. She is using her experience to help people balance their dogs’ behavior and energy. Trainees will accompany Dawn on outings and group classes. Dawn loves to take dogs in public and teach them to relax and have manners.



Dawn is incredible!  Even my boys enjoyed this training session which is saying a lot.  We learned so much and Zoe is already so much better out in public.  I know we will be calling again once Zoe masters her new skills. Thank you for your help!

–S.M., private training

I am so thrilled with K9 solutions. I am happy to say that my dogs are enjoying each other’s company, loving their new relaxed life, and have become more at ease.  The knowledge and expertise of the K9 Solutions team is unparalleled.  Every time I take a class, I know my dogs benefit from it and so do I!  Thank you K9 Solutions for making the transition to our new life together a smooth one.  -L. McGregor, Private Training

I also have to say if you ever need a testimonial I’d be first in line….we walked thru Umstead today and passed many obstacles and Jack and Casey both were stellar…. -S.L., Private Training

I can recommend you from experience. With all of my pack issues, you guys have saved our lives, and our mental state!! -Jeremi Clark, Private Training

Your advice and wisdom have saved our household. Shiloh has a long way to go but I can now see that he can and will be a productive member of a family. I almost forgot, since the second day of being crated, Shiloh now wags his tail when me and the dogs approach him to take him out of the crate for a walk. I could have cried! Thank you doesn’t start to say enough. I am getting ready to go out of town next week and I am a little nervous that Shiloh might revert a little but I now have the skills to get him back on track. -B.T., Private Training

Our session was amazing!  It was very informative and helpful.  I would highly recommend K9 Solutions to anyone and have already talked to a few people about doing one of your weekly classes and/or the private session. Thank you so much for your help. -E. Wingfield, Private Training