Jay and Heather Brittingham

Jay and Heather Brittingham


Jay and Heather have fostered over 60 dogs and puppies Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue since 2003. They started training their fosters on basic manners and housetraining so they would be more likely to be adopted.
It was their own dog Danny, a foster failure, who really brought Heather and Jay into the “training world.” Danny is a very, very high-energy dog who needed a lot of direction in his life, so Heather signed up for every training class she could. She became somewhat of a training class junkie, and loved watching Danny blossom into a well-behaved, therapy dog. Both Heather and Jay came to realize how important structure and exercise is for a dog.


They also saw many dogs given up to shelters and rescue organizations for behavior problems which could have easily been fixed with proper training. They wanted to be able to help keep these dogs in their homes, and so they joined K9 Solutions Dog Training Camp. Along the way, Jay also joined Sylvie’s team at K9 Solutions and taught group classes, including pet therapy and urban agility, did private training, and certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.


K9 Solutions Trainees are never lonely when staying with Jay and Heather. Jay has muscular dystrophy and is a stay-at-home doggie dad. Their pack includes 4 wonderful dogs – Jasper, Danny, Castle, and Nova. Three are Golden Retriever foster failures who epitomizes their breed by being laid back and good-natured dogs. Their newest member is Nova, a young Lab. They also have 2 senior cats to round out the household.


Jay and Heather are empty nesters who love spending their time working with their dogs and K9 Solutions Trainees. The Trainees accompany them on outings for great public manners as well as hiking, a favorite pastime.

Fun Facts About Jay and Heather:

  • They come as a package deal.
  • They love to shoot pool.
  • They have 3 cats.
  • They are empty nesters.
  • They have fostered over 60 puppies and adults for Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue.

The single BEST thing about this program is a strong commitment to working with the dog AND the owners to solve issues both during and after the training period.  I have been so impressed with the willingness to understand and directly confront issues to ensure success for the dog and the owner.  This program is about building successful relationships, NOT about training a dog and then returning it back to the owner with assistance or help. I would also like to personally praise Heather and Jay Brittingham.  I have worked with Heather and Jay through NRGRR for years, and have always known them to be fantastic dog handlers; however, I was blown away by their work with Shiner.  I cannot express the tremendous support they offered to us in helping to address our challenges with Shiner. We are grateful to have been able to work with them, and thank them for everything they have done (and continue to do) to ensure we build a strong bond with our boy. -J. Peckham, Shiner, Training School

Thanks to Jay, I feel like I understand more about how to communicate with my dog. -J.M., Group Class

These two cuties stayed with Jay and Heather for continuing education while I was out of town. They came back to me better behaved than when we parted for a week! I was hesitant to go out of town, given our recent events, but I am so glad I chose to send them to continuing ed and will do so again in the future. I can’t thank you enough for everything you and K9 Solutions has done for us. There are really no words. Yall are beyond AWESOME!!! This is only 3 months later, and look at them. Side by side and not a care in the world. Thank you! Peace and harmony has been restored between these two, which I was not sure would be possible. And Bella, there is a noticeable difference in how fast she calms down when people come over! She has really become a fabulous dog in a very short time. She is still a work in progress, but getting noticeably better every day. Recommend K9 Solutions to everyone! -I. Blank, Continuing Education

After researching different programs online, we liked the variety of courses K9 Solutions offers, specifically training and certification for Pet Therapy.  We initially signed up for their program (starting with a private session) in Aug 2015, and continued from there. Heather and Jay Brittingham were Molly’s primary trainers for K9 Training School. We are excited to continue training with them to accomplish our goals. All your trainers are outstanding and have been wonderful to work with. Molly and I have both learned a lot. -C.L., Private Training, Training School

Thanks to Jay, every class improves me as a trainer and adds positively to our relationship. -A. Carter, Home Manners

Thanks to K9 Solutions, my dog is better and we have mutual trust. Very relieved to know this Lab has potential—Jay has taken away some stress during this class. -A.M., Group Class

Maisy listens much better. She can sit, wait, leave it. I really enjoyed Jay’s class. -M.G., Group Class