Lisa Rosendahl

Lisa Rosendahl

Lisa volunteered at rescue organizations for years before joining the ranks of corporate burnouts to become a professional dog trainer. She started out volunteering with Sylvie’s team at K9 Solutions while earning her certification through Animal Behavior College and K9 Solutions Academy, until she became a full-time member. Lisa was eventually promoted to Training Manager of K9 Solutions. Besides doing private sessions at clients’ homes, Lisa also lead all group classes, oversees group class training quality, and braves all weather for the Sunday Community Manners classes as well as Rowdy Rovers classes.


Fun Facts About Lisa:

  • She makes jewelry in my spare time.
  • She is addicted to Nature Valley cashew bars.
  • She is bribable with toffee bars.
  • She loves all breeds.


Again, we are grateful for your time and experience. You do have an intuitive ability to communicate and relate with dogs, and people. Thank you! -M.B., Private Training

Many thanks to K9 Solutions for offering wonderful classes and solutions for our dogs! We appreciate the approach you take in your training, the options you offer within the classes for owner preferences, and the ways you strongly encourage behavior correction before more drastic solutions (medication or (worse) giving up the pet). Adoption is, afterall, a “forever solution”! Your techniques have forever changed the way we interact with our dogs — making us stronger as the pack leaders and helping our dogs relax and trust that we’re in charge! This is precisely why we would come back to K9 Solutions again and again and again. You really do outstanding work and have proven to us that you love for our dogs (almost) as much as we do! Carrie & Neil Johnson, Group Class

Much better than before class. He’s more respectful of us in the house and is calmer and we are able to relax with him. -E. Kessler, Group Class

Our session was amazing!  It was very informative and helpful.  I would highly recommend K9 Solutions to anyone and have already talked to a few people about doing one of your weekly classes and/or the private session. Thank you so much for your help. E. Wingfield, Private Training

Parker has more respect for us and is easier to live with :). -E.B., Parker, Aussie/Shepherd teenager, Group Class

A wealth of information and great suggestions.A.L., Group Class

Before the class, I was overwhelmed. I sometimes dreaded to go home or take him on a walk. Now every single walk is a good one. I love my dog and enjoy spending time with him. -K.A., Group Class

We loved the class at K9 Solutions. My daughter (8 yrs) has developed a greater bond and leadership with our dog. -S.M.G., Group Class

Listens better, and is now well behaved. 100% better, and I enjoy him a lot more. -C.B., Group Class