Ryan Walker

Ryan helping Linda enjoy a calm dog no more lunging at other dogs Posted with permission from Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker

Ryan grew up on a farm at the foot of the mountains in North Carolina. His family had various livestock and animals, and thus Ryan grew up training duck hunting dogs as well as Australian Shepherds to bring the herd in.

Ryan moved to Raleigh to attend NC State University to pursue aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. After several failed attempts at chemistry, he found himself working in a pet store. He knew that he wanted to work with animals to make a difference. So he went on to work at an animal shelter. He worked as a kennel attendant until he was promoted to Animal Control Officer. He has now been employed by two different animal control agencies and has built another 8 years of experience in many types of pet behaviors, primarily dogs.

Through the years, Ryan has fostered numerous animals for medical, behavioral, social, and cruelty cases. Many times, it was just giving the animals a place to feel safe and to relax. As a result of his work, he has experience with a multitude of behaviors as well as experience with giving daily medications.

Ryan was lucky enough to be introduced to Sylvie’s team at K9 Solutions from a fellow trainer. Now at Topline K9 Solutions, you can see Ryan teaching and assisting Home Manners and Community Manners classes (hope to see you there). He is also a trainer for our Continuing Education and K9 Training School programs.

On a personal note, Ryan is happily married to his wife Abby. They have two sons Jonah (4 years) and Phillip (8 months). They also have two dogs Moulgi (shelter mutt special), Patty (puppy mill Shih Tzu), and an orange tabby cat named Curtis who thinks he is a dog. Ryan loves helping achieve the “Ah ah!” moment for both dogs and owners. He strives to help improve, and even restore, the bond between man and man’s best friend.

On a very hot and humid day, running late since I got lost, I arrived to class worn out with a doggie who wants to eat other dogs. Ryan came to my rescue. He became my right-hand man as I was trying to handle my dog (whom I love dearly, but definitely needs Community Manners), sharing “custody” of my dog. And Ryan very gently guided me on things I should do and not do with my dog. And while I wiped away the sweat, he practiced with my dog with a new collar for better control. The explanation of why the size of the collar was so very important for training was extremely helpful. Thank you Ryan!
-Linda Tuday