Sylvie Pleasant

Sylvie with two of her pooches

Sylvie with two of her pooches

Sylvie Pleasant

Sylvie is a corporate burnout-turned professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. She has been training owners and dogs for over 20 years now. She mostly leads her team in the background to implement their amazing passion and energy in the canine community.

Sylvie’s career as a dog trainer took a professional turn while volunteering for the SPCA of Wake County. Upon seeing so many dogs given up on when simple solutions could have salvaged their relationship, she decided to take a step ahead of the shelters in an attempt to catch frustrated owners prior.

Sylvie was blessed to study with several of the Greater Raleigh Dog Training Club trainers long before dog academies were in existence and was certified in 1999 by Canine Training Inc. She is grateful to all the mentors who have helped her to be the trainer and behaviorist she is today.

An avid community supporter, Sylvie started the volunteer companionship program at the SPCA of Wake County in 1992 and coordinated many facets of the volunteer force for several years. This included training volunteer adoption counselors to educate and serve customers in selecting their pet. She also formed and coordinated the volunteer lost/found program.

Fun Facts About Sylvie:

  • She loves all breeds.
  • She is half French so I can teach dog commands in French, not German.
  • She is very bribable with chocolate.

I approached our first class with sincere apprehension. Having owned large stubborn breeds before I thought “what on earth can this woman talk about for over 2 hours that I haven’t already heard?” Well talk you did but more importantly you gave me concrete tools that I immediately implemented into my home and for my dog. Your discussion on leadership changed my approach. From the moment I walked back into my home a designated leader it changed my dogs reaction and interaction with me. My life and dog became manageable. A.L., Well-Mannered Dog Seminar

We received excellent training recommendations. We also appreciate and was impressed with Sylvie’s promptness and willingness to respond to emails with questions both within and outside the course curriculum. L.S., Private Trianing

Sylvie, thank you so much for the class you gave for us today. We know how hard you work, the many miles you both drive every week, and to give up a Sunday morning to help a group of foster dogs was an incredible sacrifice for you both. It is always such a pleasure to see you, and see you in action, and I think you opened some eyes this morning! Amazing to all of us, really, since you know that we asked for this special consideration because of the great number of “problem dogs” we were having returned. I promise you those kids have never sat so quietly or attentively perhaps in their whole lives! I almost had to laugh .. until the dog I brought got into a fight. Surprise! Wake up, Pat! It’s all about the handler, isn’t it? You did a wonderful thing for us today, and we are so appreciative of your many kindnesses to our rescue. Your classes are jam-packed with solid information and tips that any dog owner needs. But they are also fun and funny. Thank you from all of us. Thank you for Heidi, Baxter, Zinfandel, Achilles, Knox, Donovan and especially Gizmo. You showed the fosters what they need to do to get control over these dogs, and there is nothing better than seeing it live. You are the best and we applaud you!! -P.D., Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue

Sylvie teaches owners and their dogs just like I teach children in Montessori school. Always positive and fun. Always hands-on. Thank you for helping my dog be my best friend! -D.G., Group Class

Hi Sylvie, I just wanted to give you some feedback on our experience with K9 Solutions. Schotzie our GSD was having some MAJOR issues with other dogs. Barking and lunging while we were on our walks. After only two classes she is a different dog. I am just blown away with how much the training was able to help her! Today we went on a walk and passed 5 dogs…3 of which were loose and barking at us as we walked by. Schotzie didn’t even give a rumble. WOW! I know whole heartedly if it weren’t for your team at K9 Solutions that our experience with Schotzie would have been more than I could have handled! Thank You so much for all your effort in helping us over the last 8 months! -Whitney Touch, Private Training

You probably hear this all the time …. your K9 Solutions team is WONDERFUL!! There were 4 of us humans eagerly awaiting our trainer this afternoon because we had all about reached the end of our ropes with Toby! We received great tips, techniques, and insights. Seeing our trainer in action with Toby was great — plus having him watch us interact with Toby and give us direction was invaluable. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like we have hope. I’ll send you updates as we continue working with Toby. Thanks, Sylvie! -Rita Hewell, Private Training

You are a wonderful instructor Sylvie and Maddie and I learned a great deal. I thank you so much for the class. You have a perfect demeanor and a sweet dog-loving manner…as well as a sense of humor! It was a truly a terrific way to begin. I hope Maddie and I can continue to Pet Therapy. We walked in the SPCA walk last Saturday. She did great and I had a lot of fun, too! Quite an experience! THANK YOU, SYLVIE! -M.S. and Maddie, Group Class