Ulli Mattern

Always with a smile Posted with permission from Ulli Mattern


Ulli Mattern

A counselor by day and dog trainer by night, Ulli’s passion is to help my community be the best that it can be.

Ulli was active with K9 Solutions since almost its beginnings by teaching basic and advanced group classes, and she was also responsible for the Foster Education Program where K9 Solutions trains foster homes to be even better dog handlers. She joins Sylvie’s team at Topline K9 Solutions where she teaches Home Manners, Community Manners, the How to Have a Well-Mannered Dog Seminar, and Foster Workshops as well as test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.

Fun Facts About Ulli:

  • She founded the Johnson County Animal Protection League, a nonprofit geared toward humane education, supporting local shelters, and the reduction of pet overpopulation.
  • She is an environment freak.
  • She has several wonderful, well-mannered dogs.

Ulli, thank you again for such a wonderful experience in getting to bond with Lucy and with helping me teach her the best ways to behave. I really appreciate all of your help and assistance with her!! You have a gift and I am so fortunate!! You share it with others!! Thank you” S.L. and LUCY!!!

Really learned a lot. Wish I’d taken the class earlier! Would definitively recommend K9 Solutions. T.G., Group Class

Thanks to Ulli, my dog is much better than when I first got him. He is able to control his energy better. -A. Osborne, Group Class

My relationship has greatly improved. My dog is a nervous dog and Ulli has really helped me with showing my dog that he is not in charge so he can relax. -S. Smith, Group Class

Ulli was a great communicator and answered all the questions. -L. Saint Clair, Well-Mannered Dog Seminar

Ulli is very patient and calm. She taught us humans how to behave! -C. Harlow, Home Manners

Great! This class has been awesome. Love how everything we learned from Ulli is applicable to behavior and not just “tricks.” Will be back for K9 Solutions’ Community Manners. -H.P., Remington, Labradoodle pup, Group Class