5 Benefits of Rescuing a Dog

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Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter US Animal shelters every year and roughly half of those are adopted. Adopting or rescuing a dog is no small task and requires patience and commitment, but the rewards are bountiful once the dog you saved bonds with you and your family.

Successfully rescuing any animal from a shelter means a life saved. In many cases, the dogs end up in shelters because they have behavioral issues the owner could not handle; however, sometimes those behaviors are the very thing that makes that dog so special. In fact, many rescues have big personalities that turn out to be a lot of fun. Here are 5 other benefits of rescuing a dog.

You’re Saving a Life

Every dog saved from a shelter means two things:

  1. You’re saving their life and giving them an opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life with a family that loves them.
  2. You’re opening up a spot at the rescue so another dog may have the same chance.

You Save Money

Most rescues have already been spayed/neutered and are caught up on all shots and vaccines. Adoption rates run from $50-$300. If you were to do it all yourself, you would be paying much more. Plus, they’ve already been screened for many diseases and other health issues.

The Options Are Endless

You can adopt a puppy looking to grow with a family or a senior dog who just needs a nice place to live out their days. You can adopt breeds of all shapes and sizes, without paying the exuberant fees many purebreds cost. Rescues come trained and they come raw of the street. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it if you look hard enough, but chances are you’ll walk in and the perfect dog will find you.

They Often Come with Additional Resources

Many rescue groups offer classes and other community resources to help you and your new buddy get acquainted and learn new skills. They also offer support when needed, and if things don’t work out with you and the dog, many will take the dog back and help you find the right one. Some even have matching programs to pair you with a dog that meets your personality, like Tinder for dogs and people.

Your Life Will Improve

It’s a fact that owning a dog is good for your health. You’re more active, physically and socially which both lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.