A Newfie Review of K9 Training School!

My husband and I were lucky enough to discover Topline k9 solutions and we couldn’t be happier! Our 15-month old Newfie did the 3-week live-in training and the results speak for themselves! Throughout the 3 weeks, we received videos, photos, and progress updates of our learning boy. They have been so great with follow up and post training to ensure everything is still going smoothly! Our dog Remy trained specifically with Joel, and we love him so much (as does Remy ) that he still goes to daycare there a couple weeks a month. Topline K9 Solutions has such a quick response time and is super professional and reassuring that your dog is in GOOD hands. Remy is 132 lbs and me being 5 months pregnant, I have no fear of walking my dog in public with other dogs and people. Remy has become a breeze to walk, not to mention his wait command no matter his surroundings is truly remarkable. I highly recommend Topline K9 Solutions! Mark And Sylvie have a wonderful thing going here!
–Ali Aquino, Remington, KTS & CE