Dog Training Tip: No More Lunging Unsafely out of Cars!


This is one of our very favorite commands. Easy to do, on the fly. So important for safety reasons. And is great for listening, focus, and self-control.

1. Have your leash on your dog for safety while you are training.

2. Tell your dog “Wait” through the window with your hand signal.

3. Open the door and always grab the leash first.

4. Use your body and the word “No” to keep your dog in the car. Avoid correcting with the leash.

5. As soon as you can move out of the way for 1/2 second, give your dog permission to come out of the car and praise. We use the word “Release.”

6. Keep practicing until your dog can wait for at least 6 seconds without you having to body block them.

7. Be sure that you are out of the way, when you release your dog so they learn to listen to the verbal release rather than your body moving out of the way.

8. If you are consistent, they will learn to stay back whenever you open that car door!

Happy Training!