Dog Training Tip: Practice on the Fly!

Dog Training Tip!

As you socialize your dog in many different environments, practice your training commands on the fly for good public manners, reliability, focus, and listening.

Here, the pooches are practicing Sit/Stay, Sit/Stay at a Distance, and Come, all in a distracting setting at Quail Ridge Books in North Hills (yes, dogs welcomed but don’t let them pee on the books or you have added to your reading material LOL).

Practice at the level that is appropriate for your dog at this time.

An example  of training your dog would be:

1. Sit/Stay in the kitchen for up to a minute.
2. Sit/Stay in the backyard for up to a minute.
3. Sit/Stay in the driveway for up to a minute.
4. Sit/Stay during your walk with no distractions, then low-key distractions, then high-key distractions (squirrels!).
5. Sit/Stay during outings.

If your dog has a difficult time with the next step, go back to the previous step a few more times.

Always end your session on a positive note.

Simple steps that will get you on your way to enjoy a calm dog who listens!