Going out of town? Rio says Topline is awesome!

Rio, my 3ish year old blue and white ‘hippo pitty’ spent the weekend with Joel. She had a ball!!! She went on field trips with Joel to explore downtown, had ‘pitty parties’ with some of Joel’s friends, and slept in late with Joel and his dog Cutie on a cold Sunday morning. Joel was working with her the whole time, whether she realized it or not. Even before I left when I dropped her off, we walked together to help make Rio and Cutie feel comfortable with each other.

Joel sent me pictures and short videos, so I never worried at all about her! She probably would have stayed on with Joel and been happy as a lark, but I missed her and wanted her back 😉.

She had a fun, busy weekend and was out for the night by 8:30 the night I picked her up!!! I have never been so comfortable leaving her with anyone! I plan to let her stay at ‘Casa de Joel’s’ again soon!​

Vonda Hart, Rio, Continuing Education