Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Colette and I were very impressed with Mark and Joel!  Molly’s training session went very well last night and we learned many valuable lessons for Molly. The time spent with Mark and Joel last night was much more informative and valuable than a series of 6 lessons we attended with a previous trainer. We were given some excellent instructions on handling Molly when company arrives and walking her with other dogs. It was fantastic that Mark brought his dog along last night so she could walk with Molly. It was great having another dog in the house and learning how to introduce a 2nd dog.

Today, Molly has been really good staying off the furniture , although she’s been testing us quite a bit. We’re having company tonight, so we will work on her manners when the doorbell rings.

Thanks for all of your help in such a short time!

Jeff Crane, Molly, Private Training