How to Teach your Dog not to Jump while Being Petted

Does your pooch jump up on people when they try to pet them?! This video shows one technique to help your dog.

First, teach a strong Sit/Stay. During that stage, let people know that your dog is in training and cannot be petted just yet. Set your dog up for success and don’t allow him to practice bad manners.

Second, see how Trainer Ryan has his thumb in Belle’s collar? This reminds Belle to hold her Sit during the exciting being pettedĀ . And if she does jump up, she will connect with Ryan’s hand and not be able to actually jump. Much safer for kids and elderly. And an appropriate correction to help your dog.

Warn your pup that you are vigilant with an Eeeeaaasssyyy if they start to ramp up. Praise softly while they are doing well.

Start over if needed. Just walk away, come back, sit, thumb in collar and try again. Practice makes perfect.

With practice, you will be able to weane off the thumb in the collar and be good to go!

Happy training!