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Tips on How to Socialize Your Dog

It’s well known that a socially active dog is a healthier, happier dog. In fact, dogs that spend more time around others (people and dogs) are less fearful of new situations, handle visits to the vets/groomers better, and are less stressed in general. It is recommended puppies experience 7 new social situations each week until […]

Dog tricks

5 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Once your dog has mastered the basics like, ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Come’ many people want to show off their dog’s talents with a few tricks they picked up along the way. Some tricks are easier than others and simply require a little persistence. The more advanced the trick, the more commitment you must make to […]

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International Assistance Dog Week

This week from August 4-10, we are celebrating International Assistance Dog Week by posting information about the different types of assistance dogs, the training they receive, and highlighting a few local organizations that provide these services. According to their website, “International Assistance Dog Week was established due to the efforts of Marcie Davis, a paraplegic […]