Private Lessons

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Our Group Classes give you the socialization and distractions that your dog needs to reliably listen to you, so they come when called, walks nicely on the leash, etc.

Our Private Lessons at your home are beneficial for immediate results or behavior issues that cannot be handled in a classroom environment.

Our K9 Training School will give you the relief you need, and save you time and frustration.


Private Lessons

Enjoy one-on-one instructional sessions at the convenience of your home or different location(s) according to your specific needs.


Mark with Russell heeling with distractions.

Topline K9 Solutions offers 1.5 hour long private sessions and can travel to any home within the Triangle area, including but not limited to: Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Wake Forest, Durham, Chapel Hill, Clayton, and Apex.

Private training can be focused on anything from basic obedience to off-leash training. Is your dog barking too much in the home? Chewing on everything they can get their paws on? Are they pulling your shoulder out of socket on walks? Need some refresher training, or want to be sure that your training methods are correct for your dog?

For the Wake and Johnson Counties areas, the session takes 1.5 hrs at $175 to observe the behaviors and dynamics as well as leave you with the appropriate tools to address the issues you have listed as well as anything else we see that will help you. We are on an as-needed basis so we want you to implement the tools we give you for 2-4 weeks and call us if you need us during that time. We can determine together if your goals are met with the session or if you need a follow up session which will take 1 hr at $97. Sometimes we recommend a particular group class.
For the Durham and Chapel Hill areas, our first session is $225 for 1.5 hrs, and any follow ups are $150 for an hour.

Because of our 40 years of experience in dog behavior and training, we usually average 1-2 sessions depending on your goals.

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I was very impressed with Mark’s knowledge and ability to understand and implement the appropriate techniques to improve the behaviors of both dogs…especially Kahlua. When the session was over, I could see a difference in my dog’s behavior and felt like I was enabled with the tools to continue to improve on the skills I had learned. I would recommend Mark and Ryan to anyone.
Thank you,
L. McNutt, Kahlua

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Hi Sylvie,
The lesson went really well! Joel was incredibly helpful, and we look forward to working more and more with Finley on his manners.
Jennifer K., Finley

Exceptional!!!!!!  Mark was amazing.  We will work diligently with Walter to keep him progressing towards good manners. 
Annette H., Walter